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3 Boleslaw Mazurkiewicz - The Grand Old Polish Sailor We, all members of the International Council of Cruising Yachts (I.C.C.Y.) lost our Founding Member

Prof. Dr. Boleslaw Mazurkievicz

an outstanding character always dedicated o principles of honour, courtecy and generosity. But at the same time he was a very courageous man who never hesitated to face the acute problems of the day.

So he acted when Touren-Yachtclub von Deutschland (TYvD) with Commodore Karl-Heinz Bielenberg planned to visit Polish yachtclubs and harbours in 1973. Fortunately Karl-Heinz met Boleslaw Mazurkiewicz who was the President of Polish Sailing Association at the same time. He felt immediately enthusiastic about such projects. As a result of many efforts and negotiations Boleslaw succeeded in welcoming not les than 120 German yachts in Gdansk and Gdynia.

To value this outcome the political circumstances at the time must be taken into consideration. The iron curtain was extremely closed and western visitors were not welcome ro East European countries at all. Under such conditions Boleslaw demonstrated that it is worth while to struggle even under worst conditions.

This way he encouraged boating people all over Europe and especially Commodore Bielenberg to continue and to intensify their efforts to visit foreing countries asd clubs.

The spirit of making friends from the sea was born. Boleslaw´s successful Yacht Meeting in 1973 was a very important pulse to achieve this feeling. His greatest memorial he left us. For this we are infinitely greateful to him.

International Council of Cruising YachtsOctober 2017

Text: Torsten Meier

Torsten Meier 2017-10-30
1 Helmut passed away Our active member Helmut Gudjons has passed away in April. Helmut's career as the General secretary was outstanding. We all will express our condolences to Liliya and other Helmut's nearest.

Hannu Laine represented ICCY in his funeral in Hamburg 24th April 2018.

Hannu Laine 2018-03-29
2 Summer Rally 2018 in Karlskrona Early registration is closed on Monday 30.4.2018. Already 60 fellow cruisers have registered. For more information, please see Meetings → Summer meetings. Joni Nuorivaara, GS 2018-04-30
4 New website launched Our website has now got a complete face lifting. Layout, functionality and menu structure is modernized and all necessary information is transferred into the new site.

If you face any problem (for sure there still are), please let me know.

Hannu Laine 2018-05-10
5 EU Data Protection Directive New EU Data Protection Directive 24th May 2018 defines how to store and use personal data of individuals. Also Register description must be created.

Register description is readable from the menubar Administration pages → Register description.

Please red the document and click approval ( Accept or Deny button ) according to your personal will. The menu buttons ant leading text is visible only, if you have not approved your account.

Hannu Laine 2018-05-14
6 ICCY Autumn Meeting 2018 Autumn meeting will be held in Tallinn 26.-28.10.2018. More information to follow. Joni Nuorivaara, GS 2018-05-15